In September we received a call from a worried member of the public in Ballinasloe. She had found a little lurcher pup curled up in her garden. He was scared, hungry and underweight. His skin had sore patches and he was covered in fleas. We immediately sent one of our volunteers to collect him and brought him to the safety of our sanctuary late that night. We called him Zeppelin and we started him on his journey to health and happiness ?

Zeppelin soon found his “puppy mojo” and he became great friends with little Magnet, who was recovering from a broken leg. When Zepplin was racing around, playing with toys and being your typical cheeky chap he was ready to fly the Heathlawn nest. A lady called Helen had applied to adopt Zeppelin, after his very first post, but understood he needed time to recover and gain strength and that we also had to get to know him to see what type of home would suit him best. After chatting to Helen we were as certain as she was that Zeppelin was meant to be theirs.

Helen, Ian, 13 year terrier boy, Ted, and 12yr old spaniel, Jodie, all came to visit. With their homecheck complete, all we were hoping was that Ted and Jodie would be happy with a younger brother. Jodie, a true gentle lady said hello and gave her approval. It was all now down to Ted, a small boy but big in character!!! The real boss of the house!! Well, we needn’t have worried cause Ted quickly seemed to realise that he had just maybe found a new partner in crime and it was a joy to watch him lead Zeppelin on a mad chase and bounce around Pacos Den!!? And that was it.

Zeppelin has slotted in perfectly with Helen, Ian and their gang and is enjoying all the good things in life. He has gone from a scared, abandoned baby on the streets to a loved, confident, family boy. As always, we are so grateful to those wonderful ,caring people who choose to adopt and give those in need their second chance.

Thank You Helen, Ian, Ted and Jodie for bringing Zepplin full circle❤ #adoptdontshop#rescuedogsrock#lurcherlifeBurns Pet Nutrition