Womad is our little boy who arrived a month ago after he was pulled from the water near the Shannon Harbour, in Portumna. A very scared and traumatised little boy, he would run and hide if we moved too fast or if the mop or brush came too close to him. It was so sad to see his fear, but every day he got a little braver and spending tea breaks and lunchtimes sitting beside us in our kitchen helped him gain confidence. Soon we had a cheeky little chap on our hands who loved his belly rubs.

We felt he needed a quiet home with another confident dog for company and when Aimie contacted us enquiring about Womad we felt she, her husband Adam and little rescue dog Rosie may just provide the perfect home that we were looking for.

A home check was done and yesterday Aimie, Adam and Rosie arrived at Heathlawn to meet Womad hoping that they were a match. It didn’t take long for us all to see that they were!!

We hear Womad has found the sofa, had his Nana come visit, played tag with Rosie but most important of all he found the sunniest spot in the garden today and slept !!!? We are so happy to see Womad chilling with all his previous fears well and truly behind him. He will now live as the much loved pet he previously never was. Thanks to Aimie, Adam and Rosie for bringing Womad home ❤


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