Wispa, Kitkat, Moro

30th Sep 2020

Like any good selection of chocolate it’s very difficult to pick just one. So when it came time for kittens Moro, Kitkat and Wispa to find forever homes their foster family just couldn’t choose which to adopt.

Having had all 3 in their care for socialisation, the idea was always to find which best suited their family but seeing these babies turn from hissing, terrified little mites into confident, happy young cats had been an amazing journey. As time went on and their personalities shone through and the thought of not having any one of them just didn’t seem like an option.

Yesterday was “the day” and the Chocolates officially became part of the Concannon family! Congratulations “Chocolates” and massive thank you to the Concannons! Not only for opening your home to a little family in need but also for seeing the benefit of keeping the family together 🥰