Wish came into our care after she was found as an abandoned 6 week old puppy. She was scared, full of worms and had a lice infestation. It wasn’t long before she was running around our staff room, acting as any healthy, normal puppy should and Wish was definitely full of mischief. After a few weeks in a foster home, with Annie, Wish was ready for rehoming.

It has been just over a month since Wish headed off to her forever home in Cork with her new mum Norma and we get regular updates on all the things that they have been getting up to. We hear that Wish is extremely clever and has picked up house training and lead training very quickly. She spends her days with her mum at her outdoor work and her weekends accompanying mum on wildlife photo treks.

Wish has also learned to give the paw in exchange for a treat and sometimes “gives the paw” without

being asked, in the hope of getting a treat ??

Most definitely living the best life !

Thank you Norma for choosing to adopt and giving Wish a life she so truly deserved .