20th Jul 2020

For over 3 weeks Walton struggled to stay safe as he roamed the fields and streets around Mountbellew. He was extremely fearful of people fled every time someone tried to help him. Thanks to a lovely lady called Jacinta who never gave up, Walton was finally secured and one of our team set off to collect him.

It took other dogs, patience and love to win Walton around in the first week but he forgave his past easily and was soon running around our fields, enjoying cuddles and he was like a different dog with those he knew and trusted.

Last week he went off to our friend Dympna who used to be a groomer now retired, but who continues to groom our dogs as her way of giving back and helping us.

And guess what?

Walton never returned that evening after his wash, cut and blow dry 😃Instead he was curled up on the sofa in Dympna’s home 🥰

Dympna had been on the look out for a forever friend ever since her last best friend had sadly passed away and she and Walton had fallen head over heels for one another during his groom.

We couldn’t have asked for a kinder, more loving home for our boy and not only will be the best groomed dog around, he will also be the most adored.

Walton, you have most definitely bagged yourself one of the best doggy mums we know ❤

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