21st Jul 2020

Wallace, and his friend Gromit, arrived a few months ago from Mullingar Pound. Both boys had spent their lives in a back yard. Neither could walk on a lead and didn’t want to come anywhere near us for the first couple of weeks. Both were sweet-natured yet but knew nothing about socialising with humans.

It took a lot of patience to win them round and, at times, it was one step forward and five back but we persevered. Gradually we were rewarded for our dedication.

Wallace came out of his shell a little faster and then we used him to bring Gromit along and over the last few weeks they have both been enjoying walks on the lead around our lane ways.

Last week a lovely man called Bernard came to visit. He had lost his previous dog and in his words” just wanted a best friend again”. So we found him one 🥰 At the weekend a staff member drove to Co. Mayo with little Wallace on board. Bernard had met Wallace the week previous at our sanctuary and agreed Wallace was just what he was looking for.

Wallace is still a little shy and unsure but Bernard is a man with a lot of love to give and knew it would take a little time for Wallace to adjust to his new surroundings, new dad and life in general but Bernard has all the time and patience needed.

So we said our goodbyes to Wallace as we left him in the very safe and capable hands of a true gentleman, Bernard. We know that Bernard and Wallace will keep one another company, enjoy their daily strolls and have the best chats in front of the fire.

Two kind, gentle souls together.

Thank you Bernard for giving Wallace his chance of knowing what true unconditional love really is ❤

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