Vixen arrived in early March after she was found curled up in a families shed. She was one extremely scared little girl and remained hidden away in her kennel. But as time went on the sweetest, most loving little girl emerged, one with lots of character but still at times unsure. Vixen is not without her “quirks” that are still work in progress but thankfully there are people out there willing to be patient as she learns.

Trish and Mike Crampton and their children are a wonderful family who came to meet Vixen last week. They sat and chatted with us about a few of Vixens more quirkier traits, they listened, took on board what we were saying and decided they were fully committed to taking her on and willing to put in an effort with her training.

Vixen was delighted to see them arrive again and after posing for their “Gotcha Day ” photo she hopped happily into her crate, ready to head for home.

We hear Vixen explored her new home and garden with great enthusiasm and gave everyone cuddles before settling down for a well deserved snooze on the sofa?

We are as always so very grateful to the amazing families who choose to adopt especially those families who see passed any slight behavioural issues some dogs may have and love them all the more.