When Vine was found curled up in a bogside ditch, by a lady out walking her own dogs, we truly believed that she was just a “missing dog”. Despite being chipped, it wasn’t registered, and even when we shared her on our social media pages and beyond we drew a blank. After two weeks of waiting to see if anyone came forward we knew that Vine, like so many others, was yet another “Jane Doe”. To warrant being “dumped” it doesn’t matter your breed or age….unwanted is unwanted.

Vine was beautiful, inside and out, and we knew that there would be many people that would be interested in her. What mattered most to us was Vine and making sure that this would be her last home, her forever home, a home that would love her for the rest of her days and make sure that she had a very happy life.

Nicola and her family were one of many who applied. They had previously applied for another of our dogs and this time we felt that they could offer Vine the home she needed and truly deserved.

There is always so much happiness that surrounds a rehoming but this one went up quite a few notches when we contacted Nicola to tell her the news and her absolute joy and gratitude, that she and her family were matched with Vine, was heartwarming. Their first meet and greet was about 2 hours long as, Vine could be quite shy and distant with strangers at first and with 3 teenagers in the home as well as Mum and Dad, there was a lot for Vine to take in. But Nicola and her family were more than willing to sit and slowly gain Vines trust that first day and by the end of it we were watching them all involved in a game of fetch together.

We hear Vine has settled in really well to home life. Nicola says that Vine has brought back so much joy and love into their home that they were missing so much since losing their previous dog Florrie. She says that Vine is just the most amazing girl and they are truly honoured to have been chosen to have her in their family. We hear even the cat is smitten (as far as cats are 🤣).

We would like to say a big thank you firstly to Niamh, the lady who didn’t ignore Vine when she needed someone the most, and secondly to Nicola and her family for choosing to adopt a rescue dog.

We wish you all many happy adventures together ❤️

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