Bye bye Vicars.

A month ago a staff member took a call from a man who “had a problem”.☹️

His two young dogs got out of the trailer they lived in and gone across the fields ending up at a neighbours, who kindly put them in a shed while he tried to locate their owner.

Two beautiful, young dogs who were friendly and hadn’t gone near any of his livestock as they were well used to being around them.

He quickly found their owner but the owner decided these dogs were now “a problem”. If they went once, they would go again ?

Our staff member spoke to the owner explaining that our sanctuary was full and it could be a week or more before we had space. Can you wait a week? He couldn’t and his solution was quite simple. He would shoot them. Not said as a threat or blackmail, like we often get from owners unwilling to wait for space, just plain and simply without any emotion at all. Are we really still stuck in the era, where a bullet to the head if the dog wanders, drowning of unwanted pups is acceptable? It would seem so ….

Vicars and Dibley came to our sanctuary an hour later; other dogs had to be moved to accommodate them and our already full sanctuary sighed! His dogs were not chipped, not neutered or vaccinated, had no collars and their owner begrudgingly handed over €20 as a donation to our charity.

Some may say well at least the dogs were alive and yes we agree, but for how much longer can we as rescue continue to be used in this way. How many more hours can our staff and volunteers do as dogs are just “dropped” into our care and more disturbingly, how many more dogs end their lives in this fashion?

Vicars and Dibley had a lucky break that day and over the weekend, Vicars got to start a new chapter in his life as he headed off to start life all over again, this time as a much wanted and loved family pet.

We are always so very grateful to all those families who see dogs for the amazing, wonderful companions and family members that they truly are. Every time we lose a little faith in humanity, it’s those who choose to adopt and give second chances to our dogs, that restore our faith.

For that, we Thank You …..

Have a wonderful, fun filled life Vicars ♥️