A couple of months ago we were asked if we could help a tiny dog who had been living rough in a derelict house in Athlone. The house was soon due to be demolished and it was only then that it came to light that this tiny dog had been living there alone for quite a few months with just an elderly lady dropping food up to her.

Thanks to two lovely GSPCA supporters in the area, Cheryl and Kim, our trap was soon set and they sat back and waited. Later that evening the call from Cheryl came in “we have her” and Vasquez was on her way to Heathlawn and the start of a new life.

What arrived was one very scared, teeny tiny Chihuahua x Yorkie girl, only about a year old who was already scared of humans. It took a little while to gain her trust but when we did we had the sweetest, most affectionate, fun little girl in our care.

We received a beautiful application for one of our dogs but we felt that the dog applied for wasn’t the right match and we immediately thought of a teeny tiny girl that was!! Lorraine arrived to Heathlawn, with her daughter and her dog, to meet Vasquez and after an initial shy start, it wasn’t long before Vasquez was up on Lorraine’s lap enjoying all the attention.

It has been a couple of weeks since Vasquez went home with her new mum and she now goes by the name Pixie. She is loving life and is very much loved.

Our thanks to everyone involved in changing Vasquezs life and to Lorraine for giving her the 5* home she so truly deserves ❤