8th Oct 2021

Tux was found wandering on a busy city street in Galway, in December 2020.

Scared, terribly underweight and filthy, it took a while for Tux to gain weight and regain his health but after a few months he turned into the most handsome boy and was flying around our fields. We made many efforts to find Tux a home but with quite a few collie traits (chasing, nipping etc) we couldn’t seem to find exactly what we felt he needed. Sadly collies are ten a penny in rescue centres and its often the lesser working collies who find forever homes before collies, with working tendencies, like Tux.

So we tried our very best to keep Tux calm and stress free but collies don’t always do well in busy, noisy sanctuaries and Tux was no exception. Too much movement and too many noises, all triggered his stimulation button and, we won’t lie, there were days we despaired as we watched Tux twirl and spin in his kennel at all the goings on. We made extra time to take him out on quiet walks along the lanes and up the bog. We played skill games and brought him on visits to our local castle and woods. It wasn’t that Tux was untrainable or unhomable, it was that our sanctuary triggered him.

His jumping up increased, as did his playful nipping and with so many dogs in our care it wasn’t always easy to give Tux the time he needed and watching a dog deteriorate, knowing it was because of the environment he was living in, was painful for those who loved him to see. But we kept on trying and a few weeks ago we received an updated application on Tuxs profile. Sheena and Ian had owned and loved 2 collies during their life together and Tux had caught their eye. After a long chat we arranged a homecheck and then organised a date for Sheena and Ian to come and meet Tux. We had been honest with them about Tuxs behaviour but they, like us, fully understood that it was mostly down to kennel life.

Tux has always been a very loving boy and he was delighted to have two visitors, showering both Sheena and Ian with his best kisses and hugs. It wasn’t long before we could see him tugging on their jackets and trousers in typical Tux excitement. Again we chatted, and with many years of collie behavioural experience, Sheena and Ian were more than happy to give Tux the chance he so badly needed. The chance to get out of a busy, noisy sanctuary and find peace and quietness within their home where he could finally start to learn to relax and enjoy some one on one time.

It has been 2 weeks now since we tearfully waved goodbye to Tux and his new Mum and Dad. We have been in constant contact and, while it’s early days, Tux has settled into life in a home extremely well. We hear that he absolutely loves watching telly and is greeting dogs on his daily walks in a much calmer and socialised manner. He has found the human bed and loves stretching out on it, watching his favourite TV shows.

Tux still isn’t perfect and still has much to learn but with routine, kindness and patience we truly believe he will get there. To say we are forever grateful to Sheena and Ian would be an understatement. A couple who define the true meaning of “rescue”. They didn’t arrive looking for a dog with the perfect resume but were prepared to love one despite any behavioural flaws they may have. They wanted to “rescue” and “rescue” they most certainly did ❤

A beautiful, kind couple who we know will make sure that Tux gets everything he needs to grow and adapt to a world he previously knew nothing about. Thank you Sheena and Ian. We wish you and Tux many happy years together ❤