Trick is the first of our litter 2 babies to fly the nest 🥰

You will remember this little family of collie x babies who arrived to us 9 weeks ago, aged 6 weeks. Emaciated, mangy, worms, fleas and sick with parvo. And even with all of these, the biggest battle they had to face was their absolute raw fear of humans. In all our years of rescue we have yet to see babies so young and fearful. It truly was heartbreaking.

They spent over a week under the amazing care of the team at A Country Practice Vet Clinic fighting parvo and sadly we lost the smallest one. When they recovered and arrived home to Heathlawn, it was up to our team of staff and volunteers to start teaching these babies what trust was. Slowly, very slowly they started to blossom, some faster than others.

Trick was the first of this little family to come round and soon it was impossible to enter their room without a barrage of cuddles and kisses from Treat, followed soon after by his brother Trick.

A lovely lady called Martina had been in touch after filling out her application form and expressed her interest in adopting one. Trick had started to be picked on and slightly bullied by his siblings the last couple of weeks and once Martina heard this, she knew it was Trick she wanted to bring home.

A week ago Martina and her mum drove down from Dublin to meet what was hopefully soon to be their new family member. Having had collies before and still having Rosie a collie x , it was a breed they knew and loved. It was love at first sight all round and Trick was delighted to find himself being hugged and kissed by his two visitors. With their home check already passed, we watched happily as Trick was carried off to start his new life in Martina’s arms.

It has been a week now since Trick headed home and we have received regular updates. Updates that have brought many a smile to the faces of our team as we can see just how loved Trick, now Bobby, is. He has come a long, long way from the sickly, terrified baby who first came through our gates.

We would like to say a huge Thank You to the amazing Warren Family for opening their hearts and home up to Trick/Bobby and for being the loving, kind family they are.

We wish you all many years of fun and happiness ❤️