A few months ago we spotted a sad looking lurcher boy on one of the pound pages, so we contacted them and offered to help change his life. What arrived was a big blocky type lurcher boy who was initially very unsure and wary of his new surroundings and us but we could tell that he had the sweetest and kindest of hearts.

Trad settled in and was soon greeting us every morning with his cat leaps, his head appearing above the partitions, in his eagerness to say good morning. He was a true gent, respectful and oh so loving and he stole the hearts of everyone at Heathlawn. We really didn’t think for one minute that we would find Trad his forever home here in Ireland. With so many of our Sighthounds still relying on our rescue friends in the UK and Italy to find them homes, we were quite prepared to have to add Trad to that list. Then we spotted an application in his name that really seemed to tick all his boxes and requirements and after chatting to the applicant, Helen, we were even more convinced. Helen, her son and her mum made the journey to meet Trad and they were instantly smitten. It didn’t matter that he was large or that he had never been inside a house before or that he was 5 years old, they fell in love with the amazing, big hearted soul that greeted them.

Last weekend, Helen and her son Kyle once again made the long journey down to our sanctuary but this time they weren’t leaving emptyhanded. Trad, renamed Jasper, is slowly settling into family life and home living. It’s a long way from a makeshift pen on the bog which was his home before us, so understandably it will take a little time for him to adjust. But Helen and family are kind and patient and they are doing a great job at allowing Trad/Jasper to take things at his own pace as he acclimatises to the big wide world. Helen says he loves sitting at the window gazing out at the hills and sea, watching life go by, he really must think he is in heaven.

We are forever grateful to Helen and her family for opening up their hearts and home to one of our rescue dogs and giving them the chance to be something they have never been before, a much loved part of a family. Lurchers make the most wonderful pets and we know Trad/Jasper will bring so much joy to his new family and all who get to meet him. Have a wonderful life big man ❤ #lurcherlife #secondchances #adoptdontshop #rescuedog Burns Pet Nutrition