31st Jul 2021

Little Teddy was found on the streets, alone and scared, as a teeny tiny puppy with a belly full of worms and fleas. He was lucky to come into our care but even luckier to go into foster with one of our experienced puppy families. Lily Ann and her family have never let us down. Despite having a house full of their own dogs,cats and kids 😛 they are always willing to open up their home to another puppy in need and show them what belonging to a family really means.

Teddy has spent the last couple of months under their roof learning all those important lessons in life, how to climb onto sofas, how to chew shoes, how to travel (usually in the dolls pram 🤣) how to open the bins and how to wee and poo in the most inappropriate places 🤣. But most of all he has learned what it was like to be loved unconditionally by everyone in his amazing foster home.

When we started our search for his forever home we read an application sent in from a lady called Katie and we just knew that this was the home we wanted for him. Yesterday evening little Teddy was hugged, kissed and cried over as once again Lily Ann’s children said their goodbyes to yet another foster puppy but they have been taught that fostering saves lives and that saying goodbye is a happy moment.

Katie, her partner and their dog Daisy were so excited to finally be able to bring Teddy home and, with a promise to always keep in touch with his first family, they happily headed off to start their new life together.

It takes teamwork, love and dedication to bring dogs like Teddy full circle. Without our foster families we just couldn’t manage. Once again, we salute you Lily Ann, Michael and kids for being there❤. And to those wonderful people who choose to adopt, like Katie and her partner, we salute you too ❤. Have a wonderful life, little Teddy.