Little Tapas was found abandoned on a country lane. She was a very scared girl who tried her best to evade us but she was soon safely in our van. She was underweight, mangy, full of fleas and worms …the usual🙄.

Tapas took up residence in, the only free room we had, the office and it wasn’t long before we found her enjoying the sofa there!

Tapas really blossomed over the coming weeks in our sanctuary, enjoying her walks and medicated baths and making friends.

Louise had started volunteering at our sanctuary during the summer with her sister and she met and fell in love with Tapas. The rest is history and the little dog, who once found herself abandoned on the roads, scared, hungry and vulnerable, is now living the best life loved, happy and even has houndie cousins to play with.

A huge thanks to Louise ❤️

We wish both you and Tapas many happy years together❤️