18th Dec 2019

Squash was found abandoned in a shoe box on a bog at just 3/4 weeks old. She weighed less than a kilo and was freezing and terrified. She also had a severed hind leg.

We were lucky enough to be able to find Squash the most amazing foster home with the lovely Sandra, a lady highly experienced in rearing young puppies. Today’s visit wasn’t just a social call, Sandra had come to let us all know she was now ready to become a “failed foster mum” as she happily signed on the dotted line making Squash officially “Tiny Ferguson”😍

This little girl is no longer the scared little weak pup that our team went to rescue, gosh no…She is a complete and utter diva 😃 so loved and she knows it. Squash/Tiny will undergo an amputation in the New Year to her damaged back leg but we know that certainly won’t hold this little girl back!!!

As always we are forever grateful to everyone who fosters and adopts. This time Sandra did both and we are delighted for both her and her new best friend.

Keep on flying the flag for rescue dogs Tiny. Show the world that love goes a long way to healing the heart and spirit.

Have a wonderful Christmas ❤️


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