21st Nov 2020

Spyro arrived into a garden in October, cold, hungry and scared. Thankfully he picked the right garden and was quickly taken in, fed and given a warm bed for the night. That decision by that caring family changed Spyros life for ever. A simple act but one not everybody is willing to make.

With our sanctuary full, Spyro headed off the next day to our friend Helen and her kennels, where he settled in quickly, passing his days playing in the yard with the other dogs. We had quite a few applications for Spyro and it is often a difficult decision trying to narrow them down but one application stood out to us. Diann and her family were now ready to adopt again after the sad loss of their previous dog last year. An active family with a keen runner, Lucy, we just knew they could offer Spyro the level of activity and stimulation we felt he required.

Earlier this week Spyro met his new forever family and everyone fell in love instantly. We hear Spyro (now Pascal) has settled in really well and Diann and family are completely besotted with their new family member. Our thanks to Aileen and Jordan for not ignoring Spyro that night. To Helen and Cathal for taking great care of him and, last but not least ,our grateful thanks to Diann, Lucy and family for choosing to adopt a Galway SPCA doggie. Have fun guys😘

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