When little Splish was found straying along the roads with her friend Splash, both bedraggled, matted and scared, we just knew we had to reach out. After a bath and a groom what emerged were two beautiful little dogs.

No Chip…No Collar…No Accountability.

So we set about assessing them and soon we were starting to look for their forever homes.

Splish, at only 5/6 months old, was a whirlwind of fun, cheekiness and fun but she also had the sweetest, cuddliest nature too. We saw an application come in from a young couple who already had a 1 year old male neutered dog called Sully, who was the apple of their eye, but they felt to ensure every one of Sullys needs were met…he needed a pal!!

Enter Splish😜

It was indeed a meet and greet at full speed as both Splish and Sully revelled in their new found playmate and both were delighted to learn they both seemed to have similar battery life 🤣🤣 We hear that Splish and Sully are still partying together but have now also learned how to chill and relax in one another’s company too.

A hugs thank you to Lisa and Oskar for opening up their hearts and home to a rescue doggie.

Long may the fun last for Splish’n’Sully (and may your wine glass always be full Lisa 🤣…you may need it😜) .