24th Sep 2019

Soul came to us alongside her mum Heart, both found dumped/straying just outside of Ballinasloe.

Soul, being such a young age, didn’t seem to notice that she had become another in the never ending line of John and Jane Does. Dogs who mysteriously end up on our streets, yet nobody ever seems to know who they are or where they came from.

With both Heart and Soul reserved to their forever families, we arranged that Soul would leave our sanctuary first on Saturday so she wouldn’t be wondering where her mum had gone, though to be perfectly honest, Soul is such a happy and confident little girl, we are not sure she would have noticed. Soul now has her very own little human family, who are very excited to welcome a new addition to their home.

Though her new mum was a little camera shy, Soul was more than happy to pose with her Burns Gift Box before leaving to start a life full of fun and adventure.

As always, thank you to all those wonderful families who choose to adopt.

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