Sofia and Salah

In August, we took in 2 rough Collies as their owners could no longer keep them. Sadly, it became clear that both dogs had been neglected, especially Salah who had to be completely shaved to rid him of the most horrendous matts and what lay beneath all that hair, was a mere skeleton. Sofia’s coat better but she too had to have matted faeces cut away and was suffering with a severe eye infection.

So we began to piece both dogs back together again and showed them just how fun life could really be when surrounded by love. We took them on forest walks and picnics, they learned to play ball and Sofia learned how to accept cuddles. They took part in our annual dog show but best of all, their eyes shone bright and they started to enjoy life.

We posted them on our website, for rehoming, but sadly only received 3 applications (one in the UK) and, unfortunately, we felt they just weren’t the perfect match for one reason or another. We refused to separate them as they were such a bonded pair and Salah relied heavily on Sofia for reassurance so we understood it was a big ask for someone to take both of them on.

We had very kindly been contacted in the very early days by Rough Collie Rescue UK who offered their help and support if we should ever need it, so after failing to find Sofia and Salah their match here, in Ireland, we turned to RCR for help.

Following a month of exchanging emails, texts, conversations, photos, and videos we were delighted to receive the news that they had found Sofia and Salah a home together and one who could offer them exactly what they needed.

So our team said goodbye to two dogs they had loved and cared for over the last few months. Dogs they had nurtured and given back hope too, cuddled and kissed. A sad but happy goodbye as we know both Sofia and Salah are now on the journey that is bringing them home. Home to a sofa, a warm fire and a family who will love them unconditionally.

They no longer need us in their lives but it has been our honour to have helped them on their journey and they will, like so many before them, always be remembered in our hearts ❤️

We would like to say a HUGE Thank You to Rough Collie Rescue UK who have been a pleasure to work alongside to ensure Sofia and Salah find the perfect home for them and their needs. We hope they know a beautiful life awaits them.

Safe journey sweethearts. Enjoy the magic that awaits you.