16th Dec 2019

A month ago Snickers was just another “stray dog” wandering the streets, keeping himself as inconspicuous as he could, afraid and very unsure.

But all that changed the night Snickers chose the right doorway to curl up in as he tried to find shelter from the wind and rain.

Because unlike so many others who had chose to ignore him this family took him in, fed him and kept him safe until we collected him. Snickers arrived at Heathlawn a very timid boy, he would crawl on his belly towards us and flinch as we went to cuddle him. But he loved his cuddles and he truly loved people and he learned to forgive his past and started to enjoy his new life.

Earlier this week we posted Little Snickers on our page and we are so very grateful to all the lovely people who expressed an interest in offering him his forever home. Today, Snickers met a couple who had contacted as soon as his post went up and after a chat that evening we knew Chiara and Gerry were the most perfect humans for our sweet boy.

Thanks to our friends at Dundalk Dog Rescue for giving up their time to do a home check for us (we know how precious every minute of every day is) ,which meant when Chiara and Gerry arrived this afternoon met and fell in love with Snickers that he could leave with them.

The most loving little dog whose whole life was changed because kind people didn’t ignore him that day …we thank you. To our ever dedicated team at Galway Spca, who give up their spare time to ensure all our animals know love and comfort whilst in our care …thank you.

And our biggest thanks go to Chiara and Gerry because without kind and caring people, willing to open up their hearts and homes to a rescue dog, we couldn’t do what we do…….THANK YOU ❤️

Snickers you were just the most delightful and easiest of boys to care for ….We all fell in love with your beautiful nature and big heart.

Have the best Christmas and a wonderful happy life ♥️

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