Shrimp and Scampi

It may have taken us a while but we kept a promise made to Shrimp and Scampi that we would keep them together, after they arrived to us as a bonded pair. At times we felt that we may have to break that promise as weeks turned into months while Shrimp and Scampi waited patiently for that perfect home offer to arrive that would see them spend the rest of their days together. We held firm, safe in our belief that these two needed each another. Plenty of applications came in for each dog separately but we refused to settle for anything less than perfect !

Then one day, there it was. An application from an Irish couple who seemed perfect for them, but they lived in London ?. We set up a call with them for a chat and we knew that this was the home that we had been waiting for. Now we had to prepare Shrimp and Scampi for the move to a big city to people they didn’t know.

One of our volunteers, now living in London, did a home check which passed with flying colours and our volunteer was also there as their rescue back up. Next we had to wait for the date of travel.

We sent daily updates to Caitriona and Jason, Shrimp and Scampi’s new parents, so they could see their characters, their likes and dislikes. We showed them warts and all ??. We put in extra hours, gave up days off to bring Shrimp and Scampi on the 2 hour round trip to Galway City so they could get used to the hustle and bustle of city life. It is always nerve wracking sending any dog out of the country and these two were no exception but we felt that we had prepared both dogs and parents for their arrival.

It has been 3 weeks since Shrimp and Scampi landed in London and there were a few ups and downs at the start but with love, patience and lots of whatsapping (?) Shrimp and Scampi are now truly settled and loving life.

We are so grateful to Caitriona and Jason for giving Shrimp and Scampi their chance, for going through all the extra details/costs that come when adopting and transporting dogs to another country and for waiting and being so involved in their lives before even meeting them !!

Shrimp and Scampi, we kept our promise to you and you kept your belief in us.

You are well and truly home ❤

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