Shoal arrived to our sanctuary a few months ago. A young Greyhound girl who, like so many others, was now ‘unwanted” by her owner. A sweet natured, fun girl she stole all our hearts with her delightful character. She also caught the eye of Amanda and Dave who, watching our page, were drawn to our many posts on the Greyhounds in our care.

We arranged for them to come, meet and walk some of our resident Greys, prior to Lockdown, get to know them and generally get used to their size and gentle natures. Shoal was to us what we would consider a first time Greyhound, she got on with dogs of all sizes, had little interest in chasing (the reason she was of little use to her previous owner) and was confident and easy going in new situations. We continued to put Shoal through her assessments until we were fully satisfied that she was the one for Amanda and Dave. On Friday morning Shoal set off to her new home, her first ever home, complete with her new rain jacket, fleece jacket, collars, harness, toys and beds …the list is endless ?? We recommend that all our newly adopted Greys wear muzzles in public in the early days until their new owners get to know their dog and the dogs in the neighbourhood.

Shoal will now be loved, cherished and respected for the beautiful soul she truly is. We hear that Shoal has settled into home life exceptionally well, has been out and about in her neighbourhood and is showing everyone she meets just why Greyhounds make the most amazing family pet.

Amanda and Dave are totally smitten and we are absolutely thrilled to know Shoal remains a Galway Girl and we wish them many happy memories together. Thank you Amanda and Dave for choosing to adopt not just a rescue dog but a rescue Greyhound ?#adoptdontshop #greyhoundsmakegreatpets #rescuedog Burns Pet Nutrition