15th Mar 2019
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Timid little Shinx was found at 11 weeks old, alone and crying for help in the bushes at GMIT. We didn’t know if this little girl would learn to accept the love of the humans that cared for her but with time and patience she learned that we were her friends.

In September, a wonderful family looking to adopt visited our cattery and although they absolutely loved Shinx they chose to adopt an adult cat over a kitten as they felt Bella may be overlooked by people wanting cuter younger kittens.

But as time passed and Bella made herself at home, they saw that Shinx was still patiently waiting and decided that they had more room and love to give to another sweet cat in need of a forever home. They made that wonderful call to offer Shinx that very special spot.

Shinx has warmed all of the volunteers hearts and with tears of joy we saw her set off to enjoy her very first Christmas in a home. We wish you all the best and we are already looking forward to the updates.