A few weeks ago we took in 2 Greyhounds, Serengeti and her grandson Kruger. At over 9 years old and having had yet another litter only 3 months ago, we really wanted to make sure we found Serengeti the perfect forever home. We also hoped that, like so many of our previous Greyhounds, we could find her a home here in Ireland so she wouldn’t have to go through the stress of travelling to the UK or Italy, who help find homes for so many of our hounds. And we did!!

Mary and Liam had adopted a terrier from us quite a few years ago called Burgess. Sadly, Burgess passed away last year and both Mary and Liam had been hoping to find a new 4 legged friend ever since. Between Covid and so many adoption applications coming in we sort of lost touch but a fresh phone call last week from Liam got us all chatting again. With no small dogs available we really weren’t sure if we could help this lovely couple. Until Liam mentioned how he had always hoped one day to adopt a greyhound but thought it wouldn’t be feasible due to their house size. Like many people, Liam and Mary thought greyhounds require huge houses, acres of garden and hours of walking! We were more than happy to explain it was in fact quite the opposite and that greyhounds love nothing more than snoozing and chilling with a couple of short walks, that each one was an individual too and it was all about getting the perfect match.

Serengeti was definitely their perfect match. A meet and greet last weekend between all 3 and it seemed everyone was in love. So last Monday, a staff member arrived to Mary and Liams with a very special delivery and Serengeti seemed absolutely delighted to be in a home at last. She had a good old nosy in every room, the garden, even the downstairs loo (what is it with Greyhounds trying to fit into tiny loos with you ?) before settling down on a comfy rug, looking very pleased with herself. Finally after 9 years of living in a kennel, racing and then used for breeding, Serengeti could finally relax, safe in the knowledge that from now on she could spend her days on the sofa chilling. And we were just so delighted to have been able to help put her there. We hear Serengeti, now Hattie has settled in perfectly. Mary and Liam are thrilled with her and are proudly telling everyone they meet just how amazing Greyhounds truly are as pets ?Happy days #adoptdontshop #rescuedog #greyhoundsaspets