Only 10.30am and in between our usual morning routine of feeding, cleaning and walking we also managed to sneak in the most perfect of rehomings. Scout was surrendered a month ago due to a change in circumstances. We had so many home offers for this little boy but we held out until we felt we had found “the one”.

Susan drove down yesterday from Monaghan to meet Scout and it was love at first sight for both of them. Arrangements were made for Susan to collect Scout early this morning. Susan can offer Scout everything he needs and is looking forward to having another dog to love since the passing of her beloved boy Patch some time ago. Scout made sure that he wasn’t being left behind and was first in the car bagging himself a comfy spot on the back seat. We know there will be many smiles and many adventures ahead for Susan and Scout as they head off to start their forever journey together.

Safe home guys and a big thank you to Susan for her commitment and love to adopting a rescue dog.

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