A few months ago, little Schloes arrived at our sanctuary a very scared 6month old pup.

Found straying on the streets of Galway City, Schloes showed all the classic signs of having led a life of neglect.

The saddest part, and something we see quite often, is that Schloes had no idea of how to be a “pup”. He was like an old dog, withdrawn, jumpy with absolutely no idea of what a toy was.

Schloes found himself a lovely foster home with the equally lovely Fahy Family, who wanted to help show Schloes just how much fun life could be. And a couple of weeks ago, they really did put a smile on Schloes face when they formally adopted him!!! ?

Schloes is now a happy, playful boy, safe in the knowledge he now “belongs” and is loved and cherished.

Thank you to the Fahy Family, for making his dreams come true.❤️