Last weekend gave us cause for a double celebration as we saw our second Lurcher of the week pack his bags and wave goodbye.

Sayer came to us from a pound and, being a lurcher, he was everything we knew he would be, gentle, kind, loving, playful and, most of all, forgiving of the past he had left behind.

When the McElarney Family contacted us to ask us about the possibility of adopting one of our Lurchers we knew Sayer would be the perfect match. A family who were so excited at the prospect of having a dog back in their lives after losing their beloved Beagle. None more so than their eldest son Jamie who had been inseparable from their beagle.

Sayer was only too delighted to hop into the car, settle down and start his journey back to Dublin (thank you Shirley for doing the fastest last minute home check ever?) where he has already been on a walk on the beach and picked out his favourite chair for snoozing. Red is soooooo your colour sweet Sayer?

A huge thank you to the kind and caring McElarney Family for opening up their minds, hearts and home to the most wonderful of breeds, the Irish Lurcher ♥️