5th Dec 2019

Well look at who has settled in well!!! This is Rush, the first of our Bog Babies to be homed 😊

A few days ago we posted the story of Rush and his three siblings who were bundled into a plastic container, discarded like rubbish and abandoned on a bog with no food or water. Another litter of unwanted kittens dumped, with little chance of survival.

Take a look at Rush now!! A pet that brings joy and pleasure to a loving family that treasures him like a family member, not a piece of refuse to be discarded.

Rush has started his new life and his faith has been restored in mankind 😊

Have a wonderful carefree happy life little Rush.

We will miss u dearly at the cattery in Athenry and we hope that all your siblings will be as lucky as you are and find their own loving homes soon.