At the end of August we were asked if we could help an 11 year old Lab boy who had been in the pound for quite a while. With every rescue bursting at the seams, pound dogs were having to wait for a rare space to pop up and it wasn’t until mid September that we could keep our promise.

He arrived a little confused and, quite naturally, a little fed up so we made sure to liven up his days with lots of sniffy walks and trips away from our sanctuary along the country roads.

It was easy to fall in love with Rumpole. He greeted us every morning with his special smile and could often be seen walking along with his favourite teddy in his mouth. He also learned to be a lot more affectionate, to the reserved boy, who first arrived and he loved his cuddles.

We had a few enquiries for Rumpole, most were lovely but for one reason or another, we just felt he wasn’t quite right for them and so we held out the hope that Rumpoles absolute “pawfect match” would come along.

And thanks to our friends at Dog rescue coolronan who had a lady ring them to ask if they had any older labs for rehoming as they had lost one of theirs and were searching for another, especially for their 10 year lab girl Judy who was lonely. They hadn’t but they knew we did and they very kindly passed our number to her.

After chatting to Margaret, our friends at Dog Rescue Coolronan kindly did a homecheck for us and an hour later, Margaret and Judy were on the motorway to visit Rumpole.

It was a wonderful meet and greet and Rumpole gave both Margaret and Judy 4 paws up and started to pack his bags !!? Margaret was smitten and Judy, being the perfect lady she is, agreed that Rumpole could become her new brother ?

It has only been a few days but we hear that Rumpole is loving his new life and has settled in as though he has always been there. He is slowly being introduced to the families horses and cows and with Judy showing him the way, he is doing amazingly well.

We are so very grateful to Margaret and her family for giving an older dog their chance to become part of a family, feeling safe and loved whilst having lots of adventures too.

Also a special thanks to Chris and Ramona of Dog Rescue, Coolronan who, as always, put rescue dogs first and were as overjoyed as we were to know Rumpole is now curled up in front of a fire with his very own family.

Teamwork truly does make the dream work.

Have a wonderful Life sweet Rumpole ❤️



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