5th Sep 2020

Rudy came into our care a few weeks ago, with her friend Grit, as their owner had sadly passed away earlier in the year and the elderly family member they now lived with was struggling.

Two much loved dogs now needed our help. At 10 or 11 years old, Rudy was looking for a quiet home where she would get lots of cuddles with a gentle strolls around the block thrown in. 🙂 We knew Joan was waiting for such a little companion for herself and when she came to visit, with her dog-loving grandson Geoff in tow, it was a perfect match. Last week Rudy happily hopped onto Geoffs lap without a backward glance while Nana drove away and waved us all goodbye.😘

We hear that Rudy has settled in as though she has always lived there and is enjoying home comforts once again. Thank you Joan, and Geoff, for giving a “Golden Oldie” a chance.

And don’t worry there was a happy ending for her friend Grit too 😍

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