Rouge was found abandoned a couple of months ago by a kind lady. Rouge had shown all the signs of an emaciated, neglected girl so obviously used to pump out litter after litter. We were contacted to help and Rouge joined our little Heathlawn family. 6 years old she was the sweetest of girls who revelled in all the attention we showered on her.

Looking through our homing applications we spotted one from a young couple, Michelle and Shane. They had applied for one of our other dogs but reading through we really felt that they could offer Rouge exactly the sort of home and life we wanted for her. It has been a few weeks now since Rouge, now Ruby, left our care and she has settled into home life as though she had always been there. Michelle and Shane love her to bits and she even has a collie cousin that she gets to visit, and vice versa.

It took one caring lady to stop. One caring lady to bring Rouge home overnight and to the vets (that she very kindly paid the bill for). One caring lady to phone us. That changed Rouges life forever. Thank You. To our dedicated team who helped Rouge on her road to recovery and lastly to Michelle and Shane for choosing the route of “adoption” not “buying” Thank You.

Have a wonderful long and happy life Ruby ❤