Last week our stunning Calico Rosalie Rothko had a visit from Aileen. Aileen adopted Omar last May and felt the time was right to add a second cat to her home.

With cats, particularly adult cats, it’s not always about finding them a friend. It is important to remember that cats don’t always want company and while its perfectly fine to add a second cat to your home because you would like to, you have to take into consideration how the new addition will affect your resident cat.

Our team had spoke to Aileen and everyone felt that for Omar, Rosalie would be the right fit and from the updates we have received we are glad to report that they are getting on just fine!

It’s not all about cuddling up together and sharing everything. For cats just being able to be relaxed while in the same area as one another is a big deal and as as you can see both cats are very happy in each others company!

Thank you Aileen for choosing to adopt once again x