8th Nov 2019

They say ‘the best things come to those who wait’ and for our chirpy, fun-loving, middle aged boy Roofie, that’s exactly what happened.

Found straying in a rural area, Roofie arrived to our sanctuary at the end of July this year.

A confident chap but one who had no idea of how to interact with humans …Call him and he would trot over but then stand there with a quizzical look on his face, unsure of what to do next….Walking him, he would just trot around ahead of us, looking confused as we tried to interact with him..

It seemed Roofie had obviously had very little interaction with people during his past life.We aimed to show him just what a special bond, humans and dogs could have!!

Roofie wasn’t long learning all about cuddles, kisses and having fun with us. In fact he started to enjoy our company so much, he was always looking for attention, or delighted to be stuck in the middle of our office, giving the ladies in there a helping paw!!!😂😂

Roofie loved our garden and it gave him the best view of all those who came to visit, looking to adopt…..and he tried so hard every time to grab their attention, jumping up and down, peering through the fence, barking at them…”pick me,pick me…..oh pleaseeeeee pick me”…😥

But for one reason or another, Roofie was never chosen.

3.5 months had now passed and still Roofie had not received one single application, yet he continued to smile, play, give the best cuddles and we continued to believe that there was someone special out there somewhere for our Roofie.

Last week, a car drove up to our sanctuary, parked and a lady got out and as Roofie peered out through the fence at her as she walked up our path, she stopped, bent down and peered back!!

Roofies special person had found him….❤️

Today, Ann Marie arrived to bring her special boy home and Roofie was waiting patiently for the lady who didn’t walk past him, who listened that day when Roofie asked the question he had asked so many times before….”Please pick me”?

Have the best life sweet Roofie Doofie. You will be missed by us all, but we always knew you would find your very own human one day ….No longer a “rescue” but a “forever”.

You have one of the best mums!

Roofie…Making his journey home…❤️

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