8th Sep 2020

It has been a great week at Heathlawn for some of our Lurchers as they headed off to their forever homes here in Ireland. Aroma left last night and last Sunday saw our handsome boy Rocco leave to set up home here in Galway.


Gearóid and Geraldine contacted us a couple of weeks ago expressing an interest in meeting and hopefully rehoming a Sighthound. This is always welcome news to us as Greyhounds, Lurchers and Salukis are so often overlooked when it comes to adoption. We had the perfect boy in mind!!

Rocco found himself in a pound over a year ago and was adopted from the pound by a family. Sadly a few weeks ago their circumstances changed and they turned to us for help. When Gearóid, Geraldine and their two young sons Cian and Dara came to visit Rocco they spent some time with him and were so impressed with just how gentle, kind and loving he was they reserved him there and then.

Last Sunday it was just so heartwarming to watch this lovely family arrive to collect their new family member. One look at their family photo before they left will tell you just how happy and excited they all were, including Rocco. It was smiles all round 😁

For us it’s just the best feeling to know that we have found the perfect home for one of our dogs but it’s a teeny bit extra special when it is a Sighthound. We have promoted our Sighthounds long and hard over the last few years and still there were so many times we felt that no one was listening to us as we posted about amazing personalities and how wonderful there are as family pets. Slowly attitudes are now changing across Ireland and thankfully many rescues are now finding forever homes for their Sighthounds here at home. To all those lovely families, like the Hynes family, we would like to say THANK YOU for believing.

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