At the start of June, on a Bank Holiday weekend, somebody threw this young beautiful boy over the walls into the Galway Pound, where he sat terrified.

Rivers arrived into our care as a very scared boy, who hid in his bed for many days until we moved him in with another of our dogs for company.

He loved being in the middle of the other dogs, so we allowed them to give Rivers the confidence he lacked, allowed them to show him that we, as humans, could be trusted, allowed them to walk in front of him as he learned to walk on a lead and slowly but surely, Rivers started to come round.

The sweetest and kindest of boys, who loved his gallops around our fields, who eventually loved his belly rubs and cuddles.

Being as cute looking as Rivers is, he had a lot of interest but we just felt, despite they being genuine and loving home offers, they just weren’t exactly what we felt Rivers needed.

Three weeks ago, two of our wonderful supporters and part of our Heathlawn family offered to foster Rivers.

Oh how we laughed because we had heard this before from this couple, in fact we had heard it a few times before and every time ,”foster” became “forever”?

And we weren’t disappointed ….

Yesterday, Ger and Karen arrived to sign on the dotted line, each one blaming the other one for being yet again, failed fosterers ??

Rivers is no longer a “foster dog” but a “forever dog”. He now has five brothers and sisters ….Two are former Galway Spca “foster dogs” (??), one is a Mayo SPCA dog and their two King Charles spaniels, both found as strays.

We couldn’t have asked for a better home OR a better mum and dad for our boy ….though we have heard he really is a daddy’s boy.

We are extremely grateful to Ger and Karen, they have the biggest hearts when it comes to dogs and we sincerely hope they continue to “foster” for us in the future ??❤️

Enjoy the madness Rivers ?

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