Most of you will remember the two little sisters, Rise’n’Shine who were found in early December in a shed, barely alive at just 5 weeks old. Their bodies ravaged by mange, their little bellies so distorted from malnutrition, their legs twisted. Well that was then and after weeks of care from our amazing team at Heathlawn, the girls blossomed. Their coats started to grow and they became normal, healthy, happy pups.

A couple of weeks ago Rise went into foster with Tina so that she could learn about living in a home and she thrived. During the week we spoke to a lovely couple Borja and Sonya who were hoping to extend their family by adopting. With friends living nearby a home check was done and on Saturday they arrived to meet little Rise. And who could resist this little bundle of joy, who at 12/13 weeks had already suffered more than her fair share of neglect and cruelty. But thankfully she is young enough to forget all that and she literally bounced herself off to Dublin in the arms of her new Mum and Dad to start a new life.

And we couldn’t be happier for her. Thank you Tina for fostering Rise and keeping her safe and loved. Borja and Sonya, thank you both so much for choosing to open your hearts and home to a rescue dog. Enjoy Rise, you deserve it ❤