15th Mar 2021

Another of our lucky dogs who got to pack up his belongings this weekend, as he headed off to start his new life with his new parents Melanie and Ben, was Riggs. Riggs journey to “finding his home” wasn’t always the smoothest and he struggled of late to cope with the stress and pressures that sanctuary life can bring. But he never stopped peering out from behind his kennel door, with his goofy grin in place and hope in his eyes, that it might be his turn to go home.

After some false starts and disappointments, last Friday Riggs face lit up as he sat proudly posing for his “forever” photo, squished between a couple who were every bit as excited and thrilled as Riggs was 🥰. We hear Riggs has settled in amazingly well, has sniffed out his neighbourhood and spent the weekend chilling, cuddling and watching Netflix 🙂

We just know that Melanie, Ben and Riggs are going to have the best of times together. Thank you Melanie and Ben for choosing to adopt and for giving Riggs his chance to shine bright 🥰.#adoptdontshop #rescuedog #dogsarefamily