7th Jul 2020

In 2012 a little terrier was picked up as a stray and brought to our sanctuary. He had a badly damaged back leg that required an operation. Redmond was a typical terrier. Loving, funny, opinionated, stubborn and, at times, a right pain in the ass. But we all loved him dearly.

He was homed twice and duly returned twice both times arriving with his big smile and swaggering walk, not a damn did he give that his naughty behaviour and tendency to use his teeth when displeased had again landed him back on our doorstep.

Then Redmond got the chance again to be a cherished pet and this time it was a roaring success. But sadly, in 2018, Redmonds Mum passed and he once again found himself back at Heathlawn.

For over 20 months we tried so many times to find Redmond his very own family but we just couldn’t find the perfect one to suit all his needs, also nobody seemed brave enough to take him on πŸ™‚

So Redmond continued to live in our kitchen at Heathlawn. For a boy who couldn’t move fast he turned into Usain Bolt if anyone dropped a piece of their lunch. He watched hundreds of dogs come and go, he even allowed a few of them to share his kitchen but that often ended in a row. He begged, stole and borrowed if it meant a treat. He was great at pottering off as home time approached, he could never be told what to do but politely asked and woe betide anyone if you got on his bad side πŸ˜‚

Time continued to pass but we never stopping hoping and staff would often tell Redmond “maybe tomorrow it will be you” but deep down we had started to lose the little bit of the hope we so bravely held onto.

Then two weeks ago everything changed. Mary and Terry rang us looking to adopt. They had always had a dog in their lives and had decided the time was right again, having lost their previous dog some time ago. As they described their previous dog she reminded us so much of Redmond that we could hardly contain our excitement that, just maybe, this was the couple we had been waiting for!!

Redmonds meeting with Mary and Terry went so well despite the fact Redmond tried to rob stuff from Mary’s handbag and took great offence at being told “no”. Thankfully with only two teeth to his name Redmond isn’t as intimidating as he once was πŸ˜‚(thou we never told him thatπŸ™ƒ)

Today those volunteers at work said a teary farewell to Redmond as he was loaded (gingerly may I add) into a staff members car and the journey to Co. Mayo began.

It was such an emotional time watching that much loved little fat ass waddle around and explore his new home to his hearts content. We knew that he was really trying to source where the biscuits were kept and seeing if Mary had missed any crumbs when hoovering but it was a very special moment.

For all his bravery and opinionated attitudes, Redmond has spent more than half his life with us at Heathlawn and now he had to say goodbye to those he knew and loved the most. As we drove away looking back in our mirror at his little face there was a few minutes of silence and much sniffing but in our hearts we knew saying goodbye was the best gift we could possibly give him.

There will be no more “Usain Bolt” across the top kennels now at feed times and no more having to bribe Redmond into bed with a biscuit or risk having our toes bitten πŸ˜‚. But also there will also be no more nights lying awake wondering why nobody could see what a super little boy he is no more feeling that we had let him down and no more wishing he never had to spend every night alone at our sanctuary.

Mary and Terry are two very special people. Not only are they kind and gentle but they both have the biggest hearts imaginable. They saw the true beauty of Redmond. The beauty that so many walked by for so many years because it’s a beauty deep down in the soul that only special people can see πŸ’•

Mary and Terry you have no idea how much you have lifted our spirits and restored our faith by your absolute joy at becoming Redmonds new Mum and Dad. We salute you for being you and we thank you from the very depths of our hearts .

Red, Redmond, Redmondo, Fat boy, Little S**t You will ALWAYS be our boy, never to be forgotten. You will remain always and forever in our hearts and your name and antics will be fondly talked about forever. We will look at the biscuit tin in our kitchen and remember you too πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Make memories little boy but never let go of those we made together at Heathlawn.❀ Stay safe, stay loved but most of all stay out of the bloody biscuit tin!!!😍

To all the Golden Oldies sitting in rescues and pounds across the world, don’t give up hope, there is a Mary and Terry out there for you too ❣

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