Ramos was surrendered into our care in November. The minute he arrived we knew that he was one of those “easy dogs” who had the most amazing, sweet, kind, playful and loving personality. And we were right.

Ramos had been living outside in a shed and we could tell that he hadn’t had a lot of handling nor had he seen much of the world but we knew that it would come together quickly in the right home. There were a lot of applications for Ramos and it was a difficult decision as so many ticked a lot of boxes. But one application seemed just pawfect for all concerned and after a home check had been completed we invited Laura and Ian over to Heathlawn to meet the man himself. It was love at first sight all round and after even more chats we knew we had chosen the best home for Ramos.

Ramos, now Jackson settled into family life quickly. Lots of garden games, walks, adventures and sofa snuggles later and its as though Ramos/Jackson has always been a part of the family.

Thank you Laura and Ian for choosing to adopt a rescue dog showing the world just how wonderful and amazing they truly are 🥰