7th Apr 2020

Quorn arrived in February, as nearly all Sighthounds arrive, underweight, riddled with worms and fleas, with a broken spirit and very scared. But thanks to a bunch of wonderful doggies already in our care it wasn’t long before Quorn was shaking off her past and enjoying herself out in our fields.

Rewind to July 2019, another underweight, mange ridden, terrified Lurcher came into our care after she had been found curled up in a ball on a bog road by a kind lady called Sharon. We named her Miss Saigon and she was re-homed locally to a lovely young couple.

For Sharon finding and helping Miss Saigon was to be the start of her hoping to one day have a Lurcher of her own. The rest as they say is history and a few weeks ago Quorn left our care as she joined Sharon and her dog Charlie to start her new life as a much loved family pet, something she had never known before.

It’s always a pleasure and an honour to say goodbye to one of our doggies at Heathlawn but it’s always a special occasion when it is a Sighthound, as they are just too often overlooked by so many.

Quorn has settled in well and is making friends everywhere she goes. Helped by her big brother Charlie who is always there to give Quorn confidence as she learns new things in her new life.

Not only do we have Sharon to thank for helping Miss Saigon that day back in July 19 but now for giving Quorn her chance to be loved and cherished.

Lurchers….making amazing family pets ❤️

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