Puff and Dough

Well they made it “Home Together” ?

After many months at Heathlawn and some unprecedented twists and turns we are thrilled to share some wonderful news about our girls Puff and Dough. They arrived to us as a group of 5, sweet but so unsocialized. Over the next 3/4 months we had to teach them to gain trust, play and walk on leads among other normal behaviours in order to prepare them all for everyday life. Soon there was just Puff remaining and we struggled with our thoughts on whether we homed her as an only dog or with another existing dog in a home. The problem was that Puff was sometimes fearful around new dogs. In a strange twist of fate, after 3.5 months in her home, Dough was returned into our care as she just wasn’t coping as an only dog and as soon as she popped out of our van, a nearby Puff went into a delirious overdrive with a welcome that was reciprocated by Dough. And it was then, at that moment, we realised “they were meant to be together forever”. So we amended our homing post and asked for a home where these two girls could remain side by side. So many kind and lovely applications flooded in and we made a shortlist.

Cienna and Cathal were a young couple on our shortlist and after a phone conversation we invited them to Heathlawn to meet the girls. They knew that the girls may be initially shy in their company but they reacted exactly as we would have hoped, sitting on the ground, letting the girls dictate the first touch and we knew we had found their perfect match.

It has been a week now since Puff and Dough trotted off to a whole new world and the updates are even better than we could have anticipated. Puffs cheeky, naughty and playful side is in full swing, while Dough shows her loving and loyal side.

Puff and Dough your journey with us has come to an end and we feel honoured and proud that we had the opportunity to be there for you. We handed you over to Cienna and Cathal knowing that you would both be loved and safe, together forever ?