10th Jan 2022

4 years ago our small organisation was struck by the loss of one of our biggest characters. Not an animal, but a person. A person who moulded and shaped many a young volunteer into the passionate, driven and persistent team that walks our fields and cattery today. Wendy Davis crossed the bridge where we imagine she probably remains as she was never one to pass up the opportunity to care for and comfort or simply spend time with animals. So, while we miss her presence in our daily lives, we continue with her advice never too far from our minds. Especially telling us off when we do the silly things that we should know better not to do 🤣🙈

I’m sure you are wondering what a little tabby cat has to do with all this. Well, while we were all very proud to be Wendy’s “Heathlawn Family” Wendy’s other family in the UK, her son Jimmy, his partner Deb and their extended family were never too far from conversations. While, regrettably, we only got to meet Jimmy and Deb at the funeral, they still felt like family and through the power of social media we stayed in touch.

Early last year Jimmy got in touch to ask for some advice. Their beloved cat, Bee, had passed away and they were hoping to add a new feline companion to their home. They did have some requirement, however, it needed to be confident as the resident dogs could be a bit rambunctious. An adult cat that wouldn’t be put out by other cats visiting the garden and surrounding areas. And as a tribute to Wendy they hoped that their cat could come from us! We explained that while we loved the idea of the tribute and couldn’t think of a better home for one of our cats we would need to be 100% certain of the cats suitability before we could begin the process! It would also need to be confident enough to make the journey to the UK. But most of all we had to make sure we got it right the first time as a return trip would not be easy. Jimmy and Deb understood and were prepared to wait!

We had several ‘maybes’ pop up that quickly moved on and it seemed to take forever. Until one evening when we did a post about Puchelle, a sweet and quiet mommy cat who was busy raising her babies. Jimmy and Deb were smitten but we still had to be sure. There were lots of discussions between the cat team about personality, temperament and not to mention the time needed for her to finish her motherly duties as well as prepare for to travel.

Finally, on the 31st of July, Puchelle landed in her new home! She entered with an air of a cat who lived there for years. And it wasn’t long before her dog brothers were put in their place (nicely! they were very good boys 🙂). Her new Mum and Dad were also charmed instantly and, just like that, Puchelle was home!

We have tried to write Puchelles story several times since she arrived in the UK but there was always something that got in the way, a phonecall to go out and help an animal in need, a technical issue with phones or laptops or simply just not being able to find the words. But today seemed like a good day to complete Puchelles circle and honour our dear friend, Wendy. Thank you Jimmy and Deb for giving Puchelle such an amazing home 💕 we have enjoyed the updates and look forward to many more!