21st Oct 2020

From an abandoned stray to an adored family pet ❤

Poulet was caught by our team at the start of October after we received a call about a dog running scared in and out of traffic near our sanctuary. Poulet had a heavy blue rope knotted around his neck, a huge flea infestation and an air of desperation. But with love, care, a warm bed, good food and company Poulet was soon racing around our fields making lots of new friends.

Last week Tony and Lelia came to visit one of our dogs but we kind of knew it wasn’t the right dog for them but we wanted them to meet Poulet because we felt they would be the perfect match for one another. And we were right. A few days ago Tony and Lelia returned once again to Heathlawn but this time with a new collar for the boy they had both fallen in love with.

We hear Poulet, now Max, has settled in really well and is gaining confidence every day thanks to his caring new Mum and Dad.

Thank you Tony and Lelia for choosing to adopt #adoptdontshop #rescuedog#doggielove Burns Pet Nutrition