18th Feb 2020

We got to say hello to an old friend and wave goodbye to a new one ❤️

18 months ago, the Evans family came to visit and adopted a little black Lurcher baby, called Fondue, that we had rescued off the streets with her mum Brioche and siblings. They returned with the very beautiful Fondue, now known as Leeloo, and adopted our Lurcher pup, Plums 😍

We rescued Plums from the streets along with her friend Damson. She was a scared and withdrawn baby at first, but quickly learned the joy of being loved and cared for and became the cheeky, playful pup she deserved to be.

Fondue/Leeloo has grown into a beautiful young Lurcher girl, obviously loved by her family, so we were delighted today when Leeloo and Plums hit it off straight away and the family of five that had arrived started making plans to leave as a family of six !!!❤️

To home one Lurcher to a family here in Ireland is fantastic but to home TWO, well that’s just magical and it gives us hope for this gentle breed that is so often overlooked as family pets.

Thank You Beverly, Reuben, Ripley, Raven and Leeloo for opening up your hearts and homes to our little Plums and for giving her the security and love that every dog deserves ❤️

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