At the beginning of December a member of our team was at the Offaly Pound picking up a Greyhound that had been surrendered a few days earlier. From the corner of her eye she spotted a very scared little Springer boy, hiding behind his basket. With only one available kennel back at the sanctuary, for the Greyhound we had committed to, she asked the Dog Warden to hold onto the Springer until a kennel space was freed up in the coming week.

She promised the very scared boy she would be back for him…and a week later that promise was kept and Pines arrived to our sanctuary. He was terrified.

For 3 days he hid at the back of his kennel, watching our every move. So we ignored him instead relying on his neighbour, Kyna our lurcher girl, to try and coax him out. We could only watch and wait.

With dogs like Pines, and we have had so many, we always let another dog show them the way. Soon Pines was out in our fields, running around, ears flapping, playing ball and having the time of his life .

He was still shy at times, remained terrified of the lead and was nervous when meeting new people, but he had the sweetest,most gentle nature.

Yesterday, Pines got his chance to start his new life with a wonderful couple, Kris and Kerrie, from Wicklow.

They know that Pines will need a little time and patience, as still has to lose his fear of the lead, but they are more than willing to put in the work needed to ensure Pines settles into life as one of their family. Avid hill walkers, Pines has found the perfect home for his needs. We have no doubt that Pines will soon be galloping across the Wicklow mountains and enjoying long hill walks beside his mum and dad.

Pines has settled in surprisingly fast already delighted with all his new toys and balls ….enjoying having his Mum and Dad spend their evening throwing the ball for him to retrieve ??

Thank You Kris and Kerrie for seeing deep inside our beautiful boy Pines to his sweet, loving nature and for giving him the chance to have the most wonderful life

Pines …You have made it home ❤️