Pimms, our little lurcher baby of approx 8/10 wks was found as a stray, on the streets a few weeks ago. He was underweight, full of worms, hairless and very scared. After a few days under our care he started to realise he was safe and loved and turned into the puppy he had forgotten he was. We initially looked for a foster home for Pimms as we felt he needed more than our busy sanctuary could offer but while going through the many, many applications we received for one of our other pups, one application caught our eye (it may have been the fact that they even listed the ages of their chickens?)

The Shaugnessy Family already had two hairy lurchers,14 year old Abbie and 2 year old Peppa and funnily enough, though living in Longford, a member of staff was going to be 10 mins from their home the very next day so it really did seem like it was maybe “meant to be”? A quick phone call to mum Ria, saying that we actually thought they sounded perfect for Pimms instead of the puppy they had originally applied for, and a meet up for the next day was arranged. Two beautiful lurchers, 2 beautiful cats and pet chickens greeted our staff member as she arrived to the house some very excited, but extremely well behaved, children and an even more excited mum joined them.

It was, as we’d hoped, perfect for what would become a very busy lurcher pup. A little earlier than we had originally planned in our rehoming of Baby Pimms but with lurcher experience and a loving, caring and fun home ready to give him all he needed we decided it was in Pimms best interests to let him take the plunge and head off to his forever home.

We hear Pimms has settled in amazingly well following the lead of his two big sisters. He is so very much loved now and we have no doubt there will many years of adventures to come for the little boy nobody wanted. Thank you so much to The Shaugnessy Family (humans, dogs, cats and chickens) for opening up your hearts and homes to a very special little boy ❤

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