On the 23rd of December, this very scared, shut down young lurcher boy arrived at our sanctuary. Not only was he mentally broken but he also had a badly broken front leg after being hit by a car as he ran terrified as a stray on the streets. But we saw past all his scars to a beautiful dog who needed us. And what’s one more for the Christmas Dinner we thought !!?

Over the next 3 months we cared for and rehabilitated Partridge. Not just carefully caring for his broken leg but working hard to rebuild his trust and confidence in humans. Sadly for some dogs, the mental scars take longer to fix than the physical ones but Partridge gave us his all. He worked hard to let go of his past and soon he was everybody’s best friend. Hugging people with his two front paws (cast and all) was his favourite way of showing us that he had truly left his past behind. And after a long and slow journey, Partridge also got to leave his cast behind and that special moment of watching him run free and on all 4 legs in our back field, was well worth the wait and hours of care. We were now nearing the end of March and Partridge was fit and healthy and ready to find his perfect home. In previous years, nearly 100% of our Sighthounds had little choice but to travel out of Ireland to our fellow rescue friends in the UK, Italy and Sweden in order to find their forever homes but we have seen a shift in people’s perspective towards hounds as the perfect family pet in the last year or so. So when we looked at our adoptive applications we were delighted to see some under Partridges name.

Roisin and Niall were a young couple who were ready to welcome a four legged friend into their home and lives. Like so many others Covid had changed their work schedules and they now felt they could offer the time and dedication to owning a dog. They had spotted the many Greyhounds and Lurchers gracing rescues’ social media pages and. after doing some research of their own, felt this was the breed for them. After chatting with and meeting them we felt Partridge was the perfect match for them and also that they could offer him everything he needed to be happy, safe and loved. The rest, as they say, is history and, just over two weeks ago, our handsome, brave, gentle, cheeky and loving boy left our care to start the most exciting journey of his young life so far.

It didn’t take him long to work out how being a “forever dog” meant comfy sofas, long walks, fun and games and lots of cuddles from his two besotted humans ?? His updates make us smile and feel proud that we could be there when we were needed to help him on his way “home”.

Thank you Róisín and Niall for opening up your hearts, home, cupboards, fridge, post and anything else Partridge can find.?? Have a wonderful life sweet boy. Help spread the word that Sighthounds are one of the most wonderful breeds.❤ We would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all our many generous supporters who donated so kindly to an appeal we posted for help towards Partridges vet costs. Without YOU we simply could not help those who need us the most #adoptdontshop #rescuedog #lurcherlife #sighthounds