20th Feb 2021

A few weeks ago we were alerted to an 8 week old puppy wandering around the bog in Ballinasloe. Thankfully a caring member of the public scooped her up, brought her to safety and contacted one of our volunteers. One of our team drove to collect her and took her home. She was cold, hungry and full fleas and worms, but this little girl soon realised that she was now safe, loved and, most of all, important.

She settled into her busy foster home and was soon racing around with the other dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and parrots!! Yup, the kind of house where you may find many an overnight/temporary guest of any species😂

Today the Scannell Family arrived to meet their new family member, Panda. 15 years ago this week, Mark and Deirdre were also at our sanctuary when they adopted Ziggy, a young collie boy who along with his brother, Tulla, had been abandoned. Sadly, after a long and happy life with Mark, Deirdre and family, Ziggy passed away but today was in everyone’s thoughts as his family honoured his love and loyalty by opening up their hearts and homes to another little black and white collie x, Panda.

For Panda, her life changed that day in early January when a kind person stopped to help her. Her foster family gave her the confidence and hope needed to get over her ordeal and today her forever family have given her a wonderful, loving home with the promise of many happy days ahead.

Thank you to everyone who helped bring Panda “home”.

#adoptdontshop #rescuedog

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