In March this little girl was picked up and bought to safety by a GSPCA volunteer. She was fed, wrapped in a blanket and christened Pancake.

Pancake had been sleeping rough for quite some time. She had made herself a bed on the ground and would curl up there every night but disappear quite often.

She became the new “foster Dog” for Lily Ann, Michael and their children who have welcomed and fostered many Gspca doggies over the last few years. Parents who have taught their young children how to give unconditional love to those in need and also how to also say “Goodbye”.

And there have been many tears as this wonderful family have said their goodbyes but every time they have picked themselves up and opened up their hearts and home to the next lost soul who needs them.

Pancake quickly became apart of their family fitting in perfectly and everyone loved her deeply. She returned their love a thousand times over so we knew, when it came, that this “Goodbye” would be the hardest.

Six weeks ago we were contacted by a lovely lady called Val whose daughter Debbie already had two GSPCA dogs. Val lived in Sallins but was hoping we could find her a companion and best friend to share her life with. We put Val and Lily Ann in touch and many messages, calls and lots of photos of Pancake were exchanged.

This week Lily Ann, Michael and their children prepared themselves to say goodbye to a little girl who had stolen all their hearts, There were many tearful requests from the children to keep Pancake but once again their parents talked them through it and explained how they needed to keep their “foster dog” space open for all those doggies who had to find them and their home.

Today Pancake travelled with one of our team as she made a transport run to Naas with two Greyhounds who were UK bound and who would bring Pancake to her new home and Mum.

The meeting between Val and Pancake was everything we knew it would be. Two kind and gentle souls meeting, it was an instant and mutual love. Pancake will be the centre of Vals life and we know we couldn’t have found a better or more loving home for her.

Sending lots of photos back her foster family were delighted to finally see the lady they had been in constant touch with and more importantly see just how happy Pancake was in Vals arms.

It takes a special kind of home who are willing to foster and Lily Ann, Michael and kids are so special not just to the dogs they give love and hope too but also to us as a busy rescue. We would like to say a BIG Thank You for always being able to say goodbye and making sure your sofa is ready again for the next one and also for teaching their children to be kind, respectful and giving.

Val thank you for choosing to adopt a rescue and for giving Pancake her chance to be loved and cherished always.

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